Ken Calhoun has been teaching classical and jazz guitar and banjo for
over 15 years.  He attained a BA in Music Education from Florida Atlantic
University, and went on to teach music at Stillwell Junior High School and
Ed White High School.  In 1970 he became the first educator to implement
a public school guitar program in the state of Florida.

Ken is a consummate artist at the four-string Plectrum Banjo, and is well
known as one the top jazz banjoists in the Southeast.  From 1980-89 he
served as bandleader for the Riverboat Jazz Kings Dixieland Band in
Oklahoma City.  A member of ASCAP as well as a published and
recorded composer and lyricist, Ken stil stays busy arranging and
performing on banjo and guitar with J.B. Scott’s Swingin’ Allstars, New
Orleans Jazz and Swing, and many other venues throughout the USA.
Banjo, Ukulele and Guitar Instruction
"When you want genuine music, just smash your piano and invoke the glory-beaming banjo!"  -Mark Twain