Transform your piano into a multi-media entertainment
center with a PianoDisc or QRS player system.
Experience live performances played back
note-for-note,  just as the artist originally performed
them. Draw from a virtually unlimited library of songs,
including solo piano, piano with vocals, and piano with
ensemble accompaniment, and operate the system from
your iPad, iPhone, MP3 player or other remote device.
Photos below are scenes from an installation-in-progress
by PianoDisc-certified technician Dan Berg.
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Computerized Player Systems
"The piano almost dictates what my songs will be about." -Kate Bush
Jim & Jean's
We start by laying the piano on its side
and removing the action and key bed
The action rail and keys are
removed, and the key frame is
ready for modifications
Steel covers are installed to protect the
solenoid rail
The solenoid rail and control box are
then precisely mounted to the
underside of the piano's keybed
Key frame is drilled and cut so keys can
be activated from beneath by solenoids
The piano is set back on its legs, and
the system is fine-tuned by a series of
tests and final adjustments
Cut lines are measured
and marked in pencil
Hardware is unpacked and