An appraisal is indispensable if you are buying, selling,
insuring, donating, or considering repairing or restoring a
piano. Our Certificate of Appraisal conforms to standard
insurance requirements, and we meet and maintain all
current IRS qualifications for Professional Appraisers.
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1891 Square Grand by Wm. Knabe, Baltimore MD
Jim & Jean's
"Many people have asked me why there are three pedals in these grand pianos.
Well, the pedal in the middle is there to separate the two other pedals."  
-Victor Borge
Email us for a quick Online-Appraisal if you need only a
'ballpark' price for private resale (
$25.00 invoiced through
PayPal). Our
Professional Appraisal is much more extensive
and require a hands-on evaluation (
$95.00 + mileage
surcharge). We issue you a printed, notarized assessment of
all internal and external components, replacement and
fair-market values, cost of needed repairs, and many other
pertinent factors.  Call us today at
(904) 924-7772