Experience the vibrant energy and sensual magic that spring to life when 10,000 components of wood, steel,
iron, brass, wool felt and copper all perfectly melded together are activated at the gentlest stroke of your finger.  
Imagine the exhilarating passion of an instrument that speaks the deepest language of your heart and soul, a
piano whose noble, orchestral voice hearkens back to the intimate salon performances of an ebullient era of
music and musicians.  This is what we call...
When Anton Grigorivich Rubinstein stormed the concert halls of 19th century Europe, his electrifying performances earned him
wide acclaim as an artist of Herculean inspiration.  Those fortunate to have witnessed him at the piano swore that he was the
re-incarnation of Beethoven himself.  Yet the grand pianos of Rubinstein's epoch, which catalyzed the passions of all the Romantic
composers, were not the harshly bright, metallic-sounding machines our modern ears have come to know.  Any piano laying claim
to the Rubinstein legacy must therefore be one whose nature and personality reflect the authentic sound of the Romantic Piano.  It
must be able to deliver the widest array of expression and shading...now exuding a mellifluous
bel canto, now blooming to an
tutti, now murmuring a tender pianissimo, now stentorian on demand of a sudden sforzando.  As a worthy descendant of
the King of Instruments at his prime, the Rubinstein piano transcends the percussive eccentricities given birth by most modern
assembly lines, instead revealing the piano's true capability to depict the drama of human life.
Designed by Lothar Schell.  Built to standards of excellence by Beijing Xinghai LTD.  China's
most experienced manufacturer of grand pianos applies its most innovative technology and
precision engineering to the construction of every Rubinstein model, according to the detailed
specifications of Herr Schell, one of Germany's most respected and prolific piano designers.
1992 – XX Golden Trophy for Quality – Madrid, Spain
1996 – The Arch of Europe Gold Star Award – Madrid, Spain
1998 – ISO 9002 International Quality Certification System Award
1998 – International Award for Technology and Quality – Berlin, Germany
2000 – XIV International Europe Award for Quality – Paris, France
A Work of Art...Born of Nature and Technology
The Rubinstein Legacy
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